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What's Cooking this Week Jan 20 -24, 2009

It's only hours before Bush, Cheney & Co high tail it out of Dodge. Around me the hopeful air of anticipated change is palpable...similar to what I experienced as a young college student when John Kennedy swept into office. He opened doors that had been designated as "Adults Only" and inspired millions of us young Americans to look beyond ourselves and see what we could do for our country. And we did. I feel that pulsating energy again, this time spearheaded by a new generation who feel they've personally been invited to become part of the solution. Rock on! Despite the extremely serious economic uncertainly shrouding the world, this surging positive energy could lead us in a positive direction. Not a moment too soon. As a clinical social worker, I feel our country is finally poised to work toward a greater common good.

How to celebrate this coming together of people...what says it all in the most delicious manner? For me it has to be the classic New York City Black & White Cookie. In typical New York fashion, it isn't black & white and it's more cakey than cookie. But who's more accurately descriptive than an Egg Cream (don't ask)!! So I had to bake some to celebrate this moment of unity and hope.

Not to belittle the whirlwind of national events, we have a few exciting events coming up right here at Bonni Bakes.

Tuesday evening, Jan 20th when Obama supporters will be dancing their shoes off, Stephanie will be busting her tootsies providing an authentic Ethiopian Dinner. Without cutlery you'll dive into injera bread, and scoop up stews of beef, chicken & vegetable, spicy sauces & side dishes, then wash it down with classic drinks (but you're free to bring your own beer/wine). Only $15/per person. Seatings at 6pm and 8pm. Reservations suggested.

Saturday night, Jan 31st join Chef Walter (graduate, French Culinary Institute) as he guides you through the secrets of making spectacular Hors D'Ouerves With a French Touch. Relax with a glass of wine while you taste it all, ask questions and go home with easy-to-follow recipes. Limited seating, $25/per person, reservations required.


Now that your stomach is rumbling, here's what's cooking at Bonni Bakes this week:

Tuesday Jan 20 Walter’s Light & Healthy French Menu

Creme du Barry
Organic Cauliflower Soup $4

Salade Maraichere au Chevre Chaud et aux Noisette
Organic Market Greens w/ Warm Goat Cheese and Hazelnuts (V) $5

Saumon Cuit dans Son Jus avec Fleurons de Brocoli
Salmon cooked in its own juice with Broccoli Florets $8

Filet de Porc Roti avec Brunoise de Legumes et Pommes de Terre
Roasted Organic Pork Tenderloin w/ Vegetable Brunoise & Potatoes $8

Dessert: Poire Roti au Caramel
Roasted Organic Pears in Caramel Syrup (V) $4

Wed Jan 21 Parvin’s Persian Tea Room

Abgusht Soupe
Hearty beef soup with potatoes, garbanzo and white beans $3

Haleem Bademjan

Baked eggplant with tomato, onions, and garlic, served with pita bread
(V) $4

Kuku Sabze

Baked omelet with spinach, parsley, scallions and cilantro
(V) $4

Salad Balqur

Tubule salad, chopped parsley, tomato and onion
(V) $3

Sautéed fish filet marinated in ginger, saffron, garlic and Seville Orange $8

Polou Khoresht-e-Karafs
Beef, celery, mint, and onion our special gravy, served with basmati rice $8

Persian Tasting Platter
Haleem Bademjan, Kuku Sabze, and Salad Balqur
(V) $9

Fresh Fruit Dessert
Pineapple, cantaloupe, watermelon &

Hot tea, Iced Tea, Sweet Tea $2 (refills no charge)
Coke, Diet Coke $1 per can

White Basmati Rice $1
Pita $1

Thur Jan 22 Walter’s Modern French Menu

Soupe de Poireaux et Pommes De Terre
Organic Potato Leek Soup $4

Saumon Fume et Salade Frisee Aux Oranges et Radis
Smoked Salmon w/ Organic Frisee Salad, Oranges and Radishes $5

Crepes au Poulet et aux Chanterelles
Crepes with Organic Chicken and Chanterelles in Mornay Sauce $8

Salmon de Atlantique Poele aux Poireaux
Sauteed Atlantic Salmon with Leeks $8

Cynthia’s Dessert du Jour $4

Fri Jan 23 Bonnie & Hector’s Caribbean Menu

Fresh pressed fruit, veggies & herbs $3.50 (VG)

Ensalada Caribe de Espinaca
Caribbean Spinach Salad with pineapple, tangerines, red onion,
almonds & a celery-cider vinaigrette $5

Sopa Caribe de Callaloo
Caribbean Callaloo Soup with spinach, pumpkin squash, shredded
coconut & thyme $5 (V)
Add Chicken $2

Ensalada de Pollo de Aguacate-Hierba
Avocado-Herb based Chicken Salad With red onion, citrus mayo &
plantain chips Sandwich $7 Salad $8

Mussles con Pan Dulce
Mussles in Red Stripe-Thyme-Culantro Broth w/sweet bread $9

Pastelillos de Mangos
Mango Turnovers $4 (V)

Para Beber
Orange Iced tea, coffee, bottled water $2

Sat Jan 24 Bonni Brown’s NYC Menu

Soup of the Day
Mom’s Hearty Chicken & Vegetable, served with homemade bread $4

Ses Salinas Salad romaine, red onion, cucumber, tomato, Spanish
olives, Feta plus Bonni’s Dijon Vinaigrette (V) $4

Curried Chicken Salad Platter w/raisins, coconut, nuts & mandarins on
mixed greens plus tomato, cucumber, olives, fruit & mini muffins $7.50

Grilled Chicken added to your salad $2

Pick Two: Soup, House Salad OR Stromboli (V) (Florentine or Roast Veggie) $7.50

Handmade 8" Individual Thin-Crust Pizza (vegan available on request)

Naked Cheese mozzarella, red sauce, parmesan, fresh oregano (V) $6

New York mozzarella, pepperoni, red sauce, parmesan, fresh oregano $6

Mushroom + roast garlic, caramelized onion, ricotta, mozzarella, oregano (V)$6

Mahon mozzarella, spinach, tomato, red onion, red sauce, oregano (V) $7

Margherita mozzarella, red sauce, tomato, parmesan, basil, olive oil (V) $7

Chinese Chicken hoisin, roast garlic, chicken, broccoli, mozzarella, scallions $7

Celebrate UNITY with a NYC Black & White Cookie (V) $2.25
Large crunchy cookie (ask for today’s flavors) (V) $1.25
Texas-size Muffin (V) $1.75
Chocolate Orgasm Cookies (Pkg/4) (V) $4.50

Bottled Spring Water, cans of soda $1
Brewed Raspberry Iced Tea or assorted Hot Tea (bag) $1.50
Our House Blend of Half/Caff Flavored Coffee $1.50

We're open for lunch Tues - Sat, from 11am - 2pm, and located downtown Bradenton in The Village of the Arts at 930 12th Street West. At Bonni Bakes our chefs, cuisines and menus change daily can call 746-6647 to see what's on the menu today or make reservations. We can accomodate private parties or groups for lunch, brunch or evening events. Payment is by cash or local check. Takeout is available if you can't sneak away and spend a little time in the comfort of our charming 1910 restored cottage. We look forward to breaking bread (homemade of course) with you soon.

Hugs from the kitchen,

Bonni Brown, owner

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