Monday, September 14, 2009


Have you ever noticed that a "to-do list" never gets shorter. In fact, I believe that items are added to it at a rate at least double what's being crossed off. Case in point, my current litany of assorted building repairs. They all seemed minor to me (what do I know) but some of them were very misleading. How could that little rotted spot in the door frame mask the need to replace the entire thing? Why does LG sell every individual ditsy part for their refrigerators until I need one? It took a week for the $18 part (they assured me was correct) to arrive. It wasn't right and now I'm told that LG only sells the ENTIRE replacement section at a mere $116.50. What's wrong with this picture? Where does the customer fit into the concept of "customer service"? Luckily for me, Howard (who once came just to lay the bamboo floor and stayed on for 7 months to finish building my TreeHouse) was the person running through my "to-do list". Nothing phases him as long as card carrying Republicans don't insist on talking politics. Two days later, and both sides of the paper sporting crossed-off items, we're done. You may not notice the improvements but I'm smiling a lot more. And yes, the last few minutes were spent hanging those pictures that have been leaning against the wall for the past two years! I hope there's a "Howard" in your life. If not, I'd be happy to pass his phone number on.

ATTENTION DOG OWNERS: The big news is that a few days ago Bonni Bakes became the FIRST business to receive a DOGGIE DINING PERMIT in the City of Bradenton. That means that you'll be able to bring your well-behaved, leashed dog with you when you enjoy lunch on the outdoor patio. We'll be launching everything very soon and I'll announce the opening date right here. Meanwhile, my dog Muffin and I are hard at work designing and tasting "Muffin's Menu". Homemade snacks with people quality ingredients (no kibble, dog food, junk, etc) and available if your furry friend wants to join you for lunch. Look for the return of "Muffin's Munchies" and that all time favorite "Cheese Babies". I want to partner with dog rescue groups to give them all the profits from anything ordered on "Muffin's Menu", plus a chance to publicize what they're doing and help find forever homes for adoptees. All of the dogs I've shared my life with have been adopted mixed breeds and many need homes, especially in these challenging economic times. If you know of a rescue group that you think would be interested please send me their contact information. Together we can have a good time and do some good work.

Well, I've worked up an appetite just thinking about all of this and our menus for the week are listed below. Don't forget there is an Ethiopian Dinner on Sat Sept 26th, reservations required. Entries in the "Artsy Undies" breast cancer fundraiser are coming in and you still have time to decorate a bra/panties, pay $15 to enter it (100% of that is donated to American Cancer Society), be feted at the private pre-opening artists' reception Oct 2 and then reclaim your entry in November so you can wear it proudly around your house! I look forward to seeing you or out of your entry.

Hugs from the kitchen,

Southern Chicken Salad Sandwich
Chicken, celery, onion in a seasoned mayonnaise spread on a pair of homemade biscuits. $4

Alabama Pulled Pork Sandwich
Pork tenderloin slow simmered with apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, red and black pepper, chili powder and garlic; on a pair of home made biscuits and topped with white barbecue sauce.$5

Shrimp n Grits
Shrimp sautéed with mushrooms, green onions, garlic, a touch of lemon and hint of hot sauce spooned over very cheesy grits sprinkled with crumbled bacon.$6

Chicken Pot Pie with Rosemary
Chicken breast stewed up with garlic, celery, carrots, green beans, tiny pearl onions, rosemary, chicken gravy baked with a flakey pie crust on top.$5

Frogmore Stew
Sausage, shrimp, Corn on the cob and little red potatoes oiled up with Old Bay Seasoning, served with down home cornbread. No frogs have been injured in the making of this dish.$6

Ham n Greens Pot Pie
Ham, collard greens and black eyed peas baked into a pie with cornbread crust on top.$5

Country Apple Slaw Green, red cabbage, granny smith apple, cucumber, dried cherries, vinegar, honey, olive oil, roasted shelled pumpkin seeds make for a great balance of sweet, sour and salt.$3

Divine Macaroni n Cheese Sharp Cheddar cheese and elbow macaroni baked up into a melted, cheesy, make your mouth happy. $3

Down Home Cornbread $1.50
Alabama Biscuits $1.50 pair
Take some home!

Red Velvet Cake $3.50
Sweet Potato Pie $2.50
Key Lime Pie $3

Sweet or unsweetened ice tea $1.50
Lemonade $1.50
Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke, Bottle Spring Water$1
Hot Coffee or Tea $1.50

Fri Sept 18 & Sat Sept 19 BONNI'S ASIAN NYC LUNCH

Gently simmered chicken, ginger & scallion produce a light Asian stock, perfect for floating crisp veggies in your bowl then paired with homemade crispy noodles. $4

Translucent rice wrappers enclose julienned carrot, cuke, sweet pepper, snow peas, sauce & cellophane noodles. Shrimp or vegetarian version, served with salad & fruit $7.50

Mixed greens, cukes, tomato, red onion, Spanish olives & Feta cheese served with Bonni’s Honey Dijon Vinaigrette $4 Add Chicken $2

PICK TWO (V) Bowl of Soup, House Salad OR A Stromboli* $7.50
*choose Florentine w/spinach & tomato) (V) or Roasted Veggies w/Feta (V)

HANDMADE 8” THIN-CRUST PIZZA (vegan available on request)
Naked Cheese - mozzarella, red sauce, Parmesan, fresh oregano (V) $6
New York - mozzarella, pepperoni, red sauce, Parmesan, fresh oregano(V) $6
Mahon - mozzarella, spinach, tomato, red onion, red sauce, oregano (V) $7
Margherita - mozzarella, red sauce, tomato, Parmesan, basil, olive oil (V) $7
Chinese Chicken - hoisin, garlic, chicken, broccoli, mozzarella, scallions $7
(V) = Vegetarian
Chocolate Orgasm Cookies (pkg of 4) $4.50
Large Crunchy Cookie (assorted flavors) (V) $1.25
Chunky Muffin $1.75

Mango Lassi (a refreshing Asian favorite)
my incredible Keitt mango blended w/yogurt, vanilla & ice $3
Bottled Spring Water, cans of soda $1
Brewed Raspberry Iced Tea or Hot Tea (assorted bags) $1.50
Our House Blend of Half-Caff/Half-DeCaff Flavored Coffee $1.50

Bread & Dessert baked on-site / Vegetarian Options / We don't take credit or debit cards

Lunch served TUES-SAT 11AM-2PM All dinners by RESERVATION ONLY

in the Village of the Arts
930 12 ST W (just south of 9th Ave/MLK)

(941) 746-6647

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