Thursday, November 6, 2008

The hell with the economy, it's time to have fun Latin Style~

I've been hanging out in an underground bunker, most recently occupied by Dick Cheney, who is somewhere around here packing up his box of spare Doomsday threats; "What, Me Worry?" pins, and Bahrain/English dictionary. What an inconvenient time for the economy to go belly up, just as I was trying to settle on my next career that "hardly pays a living wage", my specialty. Actually, things are a lot simpler since 80% of industry isn't hiring anyway, and the position of US President has just been filled. So, since I haven't committed to a new occupation yet, I'm going to enjoy the parts of BONNI BAKES that I love...making food and seeing you. When it feels like the quicksand under your feet is about to suck you in, it must be TIME TO PARTY! So, indeed we must.

Friday November 7 at 6pm kicks off this month's ArtWalk in the Village of the Arts, and BONNI BAKES will be in the thick of it. The Village is sponsoring a Latin Festival, complete with Art Show (at Still Life in G); Altar Contest celebrating Noche de los Muertos, and music. We're embracing our Latino spirit. We're proud to present the unique sound of Mark Burdette, accompanied by his guitar + drums; plus Latin-style roasted pork, calabaza & grilled zucchini tapas plates lovingly prepared by Bonnie (not me, note she was able to afford an "e" at the end of her name) & Hector, outside on the patio. Come inside and I'll try to seduce you with my legendary thin crust pizzas (New York & Mahon versions baked to order in minutes); Dulce de Leche filled cupcakes; Chocolate Orgasms; Blueberry Muffins, Rosemary Parmesan Breadstix, warm cookies and freshly baked Multigrain Bread. (Limited supply, call 746-6647 to reserve.)

Over the next two months I'll be teaching a small number of classes. One of them focuses on how to produce artisan bread at home without any machines, kneading or timely commitment. You'll be able to stir up the dough in minutes, leave it in the fridge for two weeks then simply take out a blob, shape it, let it rise and bake it into something wonderful. One 90 minute class will teach you everything you need to know in order to produce consistently great loaves at home. Could be the best $30 you you get to nibble the dividends for life. Sample a whole wheat/white version of this bread when you stop in and you'll be amazed. Other classes focus on decorating cookies for the holidays; making sensational appetizers with puff pastry, and simplified delicious pizza making. Check out the class schedule for yourself, and it makes a thoughtful gift too.

This time of year usually reminds me of how important family is. Lots of cozy images about sharing love spring forward, but that isn't everyone's personal experience. So I was thinking, what can I do to make someone else feel special? Short of getting involved in a non-profit organization's plan (and there are lots of good ones that could use your time), I just want to do my own little thing. But of course there's a catch, I need a bit of help. I've made a bunch of naked gingerbread & sugar cookie people but they won't "come alive" until they're lovingly decorated. If you have a few extra minutes this weekend please stop by BONNI BAKES (930 12th St West, Bradenton) and let your creative juices flow. The cookies and icing are waiting. I need you to create a special cookie which will help someone find their smile. On Monday, they're all being donated to Hope Family Services (a domestic violence agency) who will deliver them to folks literally fighting for their lives, at the Shelter. Together WE CAN make a difference...and we will, one cookie at a time!

It's been too long, stop in so we can catch up.

Hugs from the kitchen,

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  1. Bonni - Just found your blog. You don't even know it, but you and your pizzas, Chocolate Orgasms, and bread sticks are part of our family history.

    We've walked the Artwalks since the beginning with our children and various friends, and it became a family ritual to start with Bonni's goodies before moving on to the rest of the Village.

    We still giggle at the night our then-18 year old son went up to the counter, turned raspberry red, and muttered that he wanted one of those "chocolate.......things"! Of course his dad, the ultimate funny guy, called across the room, "don't you mean ORGASM?" (I know, I KNOW--you've no doubt seen this played out a thousand times, but, hey--it was memorable to us!!)

    Anyway, you and all the other amazing people we've met over the years in the Village are the reason I've started volunteering the graphic design of the Village Guide. Our whole family thanks you for making your delicious talents available to us again.

    Wendy & the Gang