Sunday, May 31, 2009

Something Old, Something New, Nothing Blue

This same Sunday, six years ago, I was watching the final round of a golf tournament on tv with my son & my husband. Immediately thereafter we were delighted & surprised to learn one of our favorite movies of all time, Mel Brooks' "The Producers" with Zero Mostel, was coming on. We knew it by heart because it was the only commercial DVD we owned. At some point a nice man in an awful green suit walked in, introduced himself and asked Rea if he'd like to talk. Rea, realizing at once that he was a "man of the cloth" waved him off politely with a borderline sarcastic quip. We finished watching the movie amidst a lot of laughter. When I ultimately walked outside the room I was gently asked by Rea's doctor, "did I know that he had less than 48 hours to live?" No...that shocking pronouncement came totally out of the blue to me! Numb, I returned to the place that had become our temporary warm cocoon, for what would be our last hours together.

This Wednesday, June 3rd, will be six years since Rea died and I will always be grateful to Dr Saef for asking that question which was SO IMPORTANT, yet no one else at the hospital had even alluded to it. I mention this because, as our good friend Pat Beece used to say, "you never know when you're gonna get lucky." That unexpected comment gave our family just enough time to allow all five kids to get here and have a final private conversation with their Dad. Rea is physically gone but I know he's laughing that once again his classic Foster Grant ad campaign is back on tv. "Isn't that Raquel Welch behind those Foster Grants?" If you'd like to see his original LIFE Magazine ads they're hanging over my desk at Bonni Bakes, and his reel isn't far away. I met Rea at the ad agency that produced those spots, Geer DuBois, when Judy & I sold ourselves to this forward thinking organization as the original job-sharing team in the early 70's. The agency is long since gone, Judy is still my best friend and it was my favorite workplace ever...thanks Peter!!

But it's June and a new schedule of yummy delights are awaiting you. Stephanie and I will be presenting a fun variety of foods and events this month. We're offering LUNCH TIME DELIVERY SERVICE Tues-Fri between the Manatee River/17th Ave/W 14th St/ E 9th St. The plan is for deliveries to leave every 30 minutes (11:30, 12, 12:30, 1, 1:30 & 2pm). We've gotten a new fax machine so you can fax your order in early (from 9am) and we'll have it ready to deliver at your specified time. Same phone number: 746-6647

Steph has two Ethiopian Dinners scheduled for Tues June 9th and June 23rd. All inclusive, vegetarian option available, and only $15/pp. Reservations required. Also we're offering three baking classes this month. Steph (with her 30+ years experience as a pastry chef) will be teaching "Easy as Pie" on June 16th at 7pm and "Bake With Fillo" on June 30th at 7pm. Both will be demonstration classes where you'll watch her do it & learn professional techniques, ask questions, get recipes and taste the results. Class size is limited and it's only $20/per person.

I'm also teaching a class on Sat June 27th at 3pm called "Mom (or Dad) and Me In The Kitchen" for kids 6-12. It's inspired by my young friend & special customer Alex Winn (pictured above) and her Mom Julie, who I've met during their "girl time" outings in The Village of the Arts. This will be a hands-on class, limited to 6 parent/child pairs @ $30/family. Call 746-6647 to reserve a spot. Check out Alex's beautiful pizza drawing hanging up on the porch...wish I could hire her as my publicist.

Since my quick trip to NYC I'm a little home-sick for good bread. It manifested itself this week by my making Sour Rye Bread and Mini Reubens. I've got the bread-making jimmies, so you'll be seeing lots of fresh baked bread on every daily menu...loaves also available to take home. In order to help keep track of the ever-changing menus I've put together a monthly schedule in PDF format. Drop me a note at to request one.

Don't miss the June ArtWalk this Fri from 6-9:30pm and Sat from 11-4pm in The Village of the Arts. We may be grilling on the patio if the stars line up and I get my act together. Just like Bogie said "we'll always have Paris" and at Bonni Bakes we'll always have Pizza...for the Fri ArtWalk. Full menu on Saturday.

Hugs from the kitchen,
Tuesday June 2 Stephanie's ETHIOPIAN LUNCH served 11-2

Spicy Chicken (Doro Wet) Chicken stewed with lots of onions, tomatoes, Ethiopian spices, and a hard boiled egg. $8

Mild Beef Stew (Zigni Alicha) Beef stewed with lots of onions, garlic, ginger and Ethiopian spices.$8

Both served with:
Chickpea Sauce (Yeshiro)
Collard greens (Yeabesha gomen),
Mixed Vegetable Stew (Yeataket alicha) Carrots,potatoes, and cabbage
Red Lentils (Yemisir kik wet)
A spongy sourdough pancake like bread (Injera) to scoop up the food.

Vegetarian Platter $6

Chickpea Sauce (Yeshiro)
Collard Greens (Yeabesha gomen)
Mixed Vegetable Stew (Yeataket alicha)
Red Lentils (Yemisir kik wet)
A spongy sourdough pancake (Injera) is served on the side to scoop the food up with.

Coffee $1.50
Iced tea $1.50
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Bottled water $1

Apple Strudel $3.50
Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting $3.50


Wed June 3
Stephanie's GREEK LUNCH served 11-2

Greek Lemon-Egg Soup a light chicken soup with rice, lemon and eggs; served with Farmer’s bread. $4

Greek Salad V Tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper, red onion, Kalamata olives, feta cheese with my own Greek dressing; served with Farmer’s bread. $4

Spinach pie V Fillo dough filled strudel style with spinach, onions, parsley, eggs, feta cheese baked to a golden brown. $4

Hummus V Chick peas pureed with garlic, lemon, olive oil, cumin, served with cucumber slices and Farmers bread. $4

Choose two: pick 2 items from above. $7.50

Farmer’s Bread V A rustic, crusty bread baked right here. Take some home! $3.50/loaf

Coffee $1.50
Iced Tea $1.50
Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke, bottled water $1

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting $3.50
Bread Pudding with Carmel-Whiskey Sauce $3.50
Upside Down Berry Cake $3.50
Apple Strudel $3.50


Thur June 4
Stephanie's BRITISH LUNCH served 11-2

Cheddar Potato Soup: V Potatoes, cheddar cheese and onions, in smooth hearty soup served with Brown Bread. $4

Suffolk Waldorf Salad: V Apples, dried cranberries and walnuts tossed with mayo, peanut butter, lemon dressing on a bed of my home grown organic greens served with Brown Bread. $4

Cheddar and Hot Mustard Sandwich: V Shredded Cheddar cheese mixed with hot mustard, onion and mayo spread between two slices of Brown bread. $4

Egg Salad Sandwich: V Free range organic eggs, mayo, mustard, celery and seasonings on top of two slices of Brown bread. $4

Choose Two: pick 2 items from above. $7.50

Shepard’s Pie: Beef, onions, mushrooms, peas, tomatoes in a rich sauce topped with carrot mashed potatoes baked in individual casseroles served with Brown Bread. $6

Brown bread: V Whole wheat, oats hearty bread. $3.50/loaf. Take some home!

V indicates vegetarian.

Coffee or Hot Tea $1.50
Iced Tea $1.50
Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke, Bottled Water $1.00

Bread Pudding with Caramel-Whiskey Sauce $3.50
Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting $3.50
Apple Strudel $3.50
Upside Down Berry Cake $3.50

Fri & Sat JUNE 5 & 6
Bonni's NYC & ITALIAN LUNCH served 11-2

Each week I'll highlight foods from a different part of New York City. Today it's my old Bensonhurst neighborhood...Brooklyn Italian.

Italian Meat Ball Soup
A light stock enriched with fresh spinach, orzo pasta, cannellini beans, miniature homemade beef meatballs and organic basil from our garden. Served with fresh Semolina bread $4

Ses Salinas Salad (V)
Mixed organic greens, cucumber, tomato, red onion, Spanish olives & Feta cheese, served with Bonni’s Honey Dijon Vinaigrette $4

Grilled Chicken Breast added to your salad $2

Josephine's Eggplant Parmesan (V)
When our next-door neighbor baked a pan of this, it perfumed the street and even the guys at the "social club" on the next block smiled under their hats. Fresh Japanese eggplants, ricotta, mozzarella and basil married to a complex tomato sauce. Served with fresh Semolina bread & salad. $7.50

Pick Two: Bowl of Soup, House Salad OR A Stromboli* $7.50
*Florentine (spinach/tomato) Roast Veggies or Mexican Chicken

HANDMADE 8” INDIVIDUAL PIZZA (vegan available on request)

Naked Cheese -- mozzarella, red sauce, Parmesan, fresh oregano (V) $6
New York -- mozzarella, pepperoni, red sauce, Parmesan, fresh oregano $6
Mahon -- mozzarella, spinach, tomato, red onion, red sauce, oregano (V) $7
Margherita -- mozzarella, red sauce, tomato, Parmesan, basil, olive oil (V) $7
Chinese Chicken -- hoisin, roast garlic, chicken, broccoli, mozzarella, scallions $7

(V) = Vegetarian

Bonni's "Biscotti To Die For" (V) $2.50/pkg of 2
Large crunchy cookie (assorted flavors) (V) $1.25
Homemade Muffins (V) $1.75

Bottled Spring Water, cans of soda $1
Brewed Raspberry Iced Tea or Hot Tea (assorted bags) $1.50
Our House Blend of Half/Caff Flavored Coffee $1.50


Bonni Bakes in the Village of the Arts
930 12th Street West
Bradenton, FL 34205

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