Thursday, February 19, 2009

Eat well...and prosper

Negotiating through this climate of uncertainty takes sharpening some skills. Sidestepping. Puddle jumping. Holding one's nose and plunging in. Turning a blind eye. Accepting the unacceptable. Positive thinking...yup, that's the one I like best. It doesn't mean you're mentally in LaLaLand, just that you make a choice about how to process the information you take in. If you refuse to be numbed and immobile you have the power to make personal choices, take action and retain a sense of control over your life.

This week I was stunned by the news that my furry companion, Muffin, has a tumor inside his upper lip. How could that happen? When did that happen? Why didn't I notice it? What does this mean? All valid questions...with no clear answers. He's having surgery tomorrow morning, so I'm understandably distracted and not feeling very creative. To put me in a more lighthearted mood I'm cooking some light & upbeat choices for lunch today.

Bonni's Light Menu for Thur Feb 19 served 11-2

Asian Spring Rolls either all veggie (VG) or shrimp, served with
Cold Sesame Noodles & Fresh Fruit $8

Middle East Platter with Hummus, Pita & Veggies (VG) served wtih Roasted Vegetable Couscous & Fresh Fruit (VG) $8

Plus the usual suspects: Crunchy Big Cookies, Pumpkin Date Nut Muffins and the addictive Chocolate Orgasm Cookies.

I'm making it easy on myself soup, pizza or salads.

Friday & Saturday I'll be cooking the Classic Bonni Bakes menu, with homemade Bacon Corn Chowder; Crispy Salads; 5 Thin-Crust Pizzas and Florentine Stromboli.

Thanks to your quick response, the Feb 24th Ethiopian Dinner is fully sold out. You can share you injera again on March 10th & March 24. Parvin's Persian Dinner is set for March 18. I'm now taking reservations for all of them.

Have a great weekend and please keep Muffin in your prayers.

Hugs from the kitchen,

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