Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Steelers Win The Super Bowl so that means...

it's time to throw out that leftover crummy junk food. I don't know why most sporting events make me think of food but I could be having worse thoughts. Eric Cartman reminds me of that whenever I watch South Park...maybe that's why I watch, hummmmm.

Today is one of the most stressful days in the year for me. Tomorrow, Monday, I'll spend most of the day at Moffitt Cancer Center having my annual check-up & mammogram...hoping that none of those rascal cancer cells have decided to take up residence in me again. If you've survived a potential brush with death, you know how long it takes to reshuffle your life so that it isn't primarily defined by an illness or tramatic event. It took me several years to finally be able to look forward to what's next, rather than waiting for the other shoe to drop. But once a year that balance shifts. It's the only time that "Negative" is positive. So I think you'll cut me a little slack this week regarding the menus.

In December we began experimenting at lunch by having a different chef, cuisine and menu daily. It's been fun, exciting and delicious, although a logistical nightmare for me. I didn't realize how many details I'd have to juggle simultaneously, but luckily I love doing lots of diverse things at once. Today begins a new month and that means a new line-up in the kitchen.

Let me introduce you to Amy Scott, a bubbly food-saavy gal who'll put you at ease in a Bradentucky minute. Born into a family of accomplished cooks going back four generations, during her stint at The University of Florida she worked in restaurants "where I started to acquire a taste for Old Florida Cuisine". At lunch on Tuesdays Amy will be cooking up a storm of " Southern Comfort Cuisine because I think that we are all looking for little ways to feel warm and secure during this rough American transition. And what better way to nurture your heart and feed your soul than with some Peace, Love, and Mac & Cheese!" Stop in and say "welcome y'all" to Amy!

Many of you already know that Walter (French Thurs) will be spending the first half of February up north but we look forward to his quick return to his ever-bubbling stock pot. It will be deja vu all over again for me as I command the kitchen on Wed - Sat for those weeks. I'll send out another email with the menus after I get my medical results back. There's only so much stress I'm willing to put myself through! I'll also have a lot of exciting information about ARTS ALIVE, the interactive all day art fest here in The Village of the Arts on May 9th. If you thought the GeckoFest was something wait until hundreds of colorful Funky Men, Dogs, Cats, Geckos, Guitars and a lot more join all of Bradenton for a day of creative expression!

Look what's Amy's cooking up for you on Tuesday (lunch served 11-2):
Shrimp n' Grits
Large Gulf Shrimp swimmin' in a kicked up garlic cream sauce and ladled over hot
Cheese Grit Casserole + choice of side dish $9

Bradentucky Boil
Collard greens, cabbage, onions, spicy smoked sausage, carrots, red potatoes and cob corn.
Slow cooked in a hearty chicken and ham hock broth + choice of side dish $7

Roasted Broccoli n' Swamp Cabbage Salad
Garlic Roasted Broccoli, Heart of Palm & Artichoke served on a bed of crisp romaine lettuce, w/ fresh tomato, sugar roasted pecans, maple bacon & sweet Valdalia onion vinaigrette $8

Roast Pork Po' Boy
Served on a toasted hoagie roll topped with caramelized sweet onions and smoked provolone cheese served with apple cider au jus for dippin' + choice of side dish $8

Cracker Mac n' Cheese Combo
A generous portion of soul soothin' oven baked 3 cheese elbow macaroni served with your choice of 2 side dishes $8

Key Lime Pie Squares
Take a slice with you.....'cause you know you'll crave it later! $3

Side Dishes
Bradentucky Boil, Cheese Grit Casserole, Cracker Mac n' Cheese, Swamp Apple Slaw $2

Cans of Soda or Bottled Spring Water $1 each
Sweet (or not) Louisiana Iced Tea or Pink Lemonade $2 (Free Refills)

Take out only.

Thanks to all of you who came out to Chef Walter's Hors D'Oeuvres class this past Saturday. I'm working on other classes, so if there is something you'd love to learn (food or otherwise) let me know. If you're in the mood for Ethiopian food there are still a few seats available at 8 tomorrow night, Tues Feb 3. It's a party atmosphere, no silverware needed, $15 per person for the full meal and you can bring beer or wine if you'd like. Give me a call at 746-6647 and I'll fix you up. Currently we're also taking reservations for the Feb 24th Ethiopian Dinner, both 6pm & 8pm available. We accept cash & local check, sorry no credit cards.

Hugs from the kitchen,

Bonni Bakes
Village of the Arts
930 12th St West
Bradenton, FL 34205


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