Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ah those Irish memories...

Can't believe that I've made it so far this week with so little sleep. Now, it's almost time for St Patrick to appear, banish the snakes from Ireland and encourage everyone left to seek shelter in the nearest bar. Not such a bad idea.

Beginning in 1967 I joined the throngs seeking shelter to a watering hole where everyone knew your name. It wasn't Cheers, it was The Lions Head in NYC. Introduced to all by a "regular" (the man who would become my first husband and father of my incredible kids), I was instantly surrounded by Irish music and poetry. Joe was a lawyer and represented his friends The Clancy Brothers. Together we all spent several evenings every week eating, drinking, singing & laughing for years. I remember sitting around that big round table the night Tommy Makem sang a tune he had just written about "the troubles". It was about the partitioning of Ireland called "Four Green Fields" and we were all moved to tears. If you have a chance to listen to it, it would be worth your time.

At one point while I was pregnant we held a dinner party centered around a very ambitious menu (Julia Child's Veal Prince Orloff). After dinner, the ever gracious brothers (Patrick, Tom & Liam), ushered me out of the kitchen and insisted on washing the dishes. I watched in fascination & horror as they filled-up our small kitchen singing, drinking and tossing Lenox china between themselves. Not a dish was ever broken but I think I broke the record for holding my breath.

Celebrating St Patrick's Day in NYC always meant hearing lots of mashing metal as the day wore on. It wasn't a smart day to park on the street as very drunk people tried to negotiate their cars in and out of parking spaces. Women with hair dyed green for the day (and their matching poodles) were common place. I won't comment on the green beer or bagels. Like many traditional ethnic holidays it ultimately became a citywide celebration. The famous white line down 5th Ave was painted green for the day until it became economically unfeasible.

This Saturday the Village of the Arts invites you to its St Patricks Day Parade, starting at 10:30 am close to the front of Bonni Bakes on 12 St West. Come on down, enjoy and cheer on the marchers as they wind their way around The Village, concluding at Graciela's Corner (11 Ave/12 St W) into the waiting arms of the Budweiser Beer Truck. Here's what's cooking at Bonni Bakes for the next two days.


Friday the 13th (ohhh I'm so scared, bite me!) LUNCH MENU served 11-2:

Grilled Sandwiches & Sides

The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich
on homemade Sesame Cheddar Bread with Vermont White Cheddar, crisp bacon (optional), fresh tomato and Dijon mustard, plus choice of side $7.50

Grilled Turkey Breast Sandwich
on Rye with Smoked Gouda, homemade Cranberry Mustard and organic baby spinach in
vinagrette plus choice of side $7.50

Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich
on Rye with Black Forest Ham, Smoked Gouda, Roasted Red Pepper and Dijon Mayo plus
choice of side $7.50

Choice of Side

Potato Chips, Homemade Cole Slaw or Fresh Fruit

See below for a list of dessert & drink options. If I have the time there should be some Bailey's Irish Cream Brownies too.


Sat March 14 BONNI'S NYC LUNCH MENU served 11-2:

Soup of the Day served with crunchy fresh bread $4

Ses Salinas Salad romaine, red onion, cucumber, tomato, Spanish olives, Feta + House Dijon Vinaigrette (V) $4

Spinach Stawberry Salad with baby organic spinach, fresh ripe berries, red onion, caramelized pecans & walnuts + Bonni's Special Vinaigrette $7

Chicken added to your salad $2

Pick Two: Soup, House Salad (V) OR Stromboli (Florentine or Roast Veggie) (V) $7.50

Handmade Individual Thin-Crust Pizza (vegan available on request)

Naked Cheese mozzarella, red sauce, parmesan, fresh oregano (V) $6
New York mozzarella, pepperoni, red sauce, parmesan, fresh oregano $6
Mahon mozzarella, spinach, tomato, red onion, red sauce, oregano (V) $7
Margherita mozzarella, red sauce, tomato, parmesan, basil, olive oil (V) $7
Chinese Chicken hoisin, roast garlic, chicken, broccoli, mozzarella, scallions $7

Large crunchy cookie (ask for today’s flavors) (V) $1.25
Outrageous Brownie (V) $1.75
Texas-size Muffin (V) $1.75
Chocolate Orgasm Cookies (Pkg/4) (V) $4.50

Bottled Spring Water, cans of soda $1
Brewed Raspberry Iced Tea or Hot Tea (assorted bags) $1.50
Our House Blend of Half/Caff Flavored Coffee $1.50

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